Fashion Revolution: the shoe collection

Week 3 of Fashion Revolution month will give you a peek into my closet and showcase some of my favourite second-hand items, along with the stories that come with each piece. To finish up this week, I will be showing my shoe collection.

| Nike – Crossroads Trading Co. – $15 | I bought these velvety sneakers during a day trip to Seattle I took back in February. These shoes remind me so much of that very short, but very special trip.

| Topshop – Fabtabulous Thrift 2.0 – $8 | I was stunned when I saw these in the thrift store because I had been dreaming of owning some black heeled booties exactly like this. They’re a little big so I just popped an insole in them and now they’re great.

| Forever 21 – Buffalo Exchange – $7 | I had a pair of oxfords from Urban Outfitters that I wore until the heels were basically non-existent because they were so worn down, so I was really happy to thrift a new pair.

| Dr. Martens – Talize – $30 | I felt like I struck gold when I found these like-new condition Docs. My mom has been collecting Docs for years and she got me obsessed with them as well, but this was the first time I had ever thrifted a pair. I love these so much and can’t wait to wear them (even though they will probably murder my feet the first few times).

| Roots – vintage hand-me-down from my mom | This is such a simple, but classic pair of shoes. The way the leather has been affected by the many years of these shoes being worn is beautiful.

| Value Village – $10 | This pretty little pair of sandals was such a good find. I can’t wait to wear these while I’m in Europe this summer.

| Hand-me-down from my mom | I call these my carpet shoes because the fabric literally looks like it belongs on the floor of an old person’s house. These are the perfect slip on shoes for the summertime.

| John Fluevog – Talize – $20 | In addition to her Dr. Martens collection, my mom also has an amazing collection of Fluevogs (which I often borrow – thanks mama chu!). This was my first time thrifting Fluevogs and I was so happy to find them! Perhaps these boots will be the beginning of my own Fluevog collection…

| Nike – YWCA Thrift Store – $6 | OKAY, THESE SHOES THOUGH! These are probably my favourite thing I’ve ever thrifted. I love how they are so unique and fun and wow they just make me so happy 🙂 


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