Fashion Revolution: the jacket collection

Week 3 of Fashion Revolution month will give you a peek into my closet and showcase some of my favourite second-hand items, along with the stories that come with each piece. Today’s post will feature my jacket collection.

| Tommy Hilfiger – Eastside Flea Market – $30 | I decided to hop on the bomber trend when I found this guy. Not only is it that perfect shade of green but it’s also Tommy ❤ It is so easy to style this jacket because it literally makes every outfit look cooler.

| Nike – clothing swap | My cousin hosted a clothing swap last year where she got together a small group of her friends to bring their unwanted used clothes and exchange them with others to get new pieces. The remaining clothes were then donated to a women’s shelter. I couldn’t believe someone wanted to give this windbreaker away, but I was so happy to get it!

| Vintage from my mom’s family | When I was over at my uncle’s house for dinner this past winter, he brought out a big bag of vintage coats and asked me if I wanted them. I was so happy to get to take four beautiful wool coats home that night. They were all bought in Hong Kong in the 70s and belonged to my mom, my aunts and my late grandmother.

| Front & Company – $30 | I bought this jacket about 7 years ago before moto jackets were even trendy. I’ve only started to bring back this jacket within the last year because it always felt too edgy for me, but I’ve decided to just embrace it.

| Vintage from my mom’s family | Here is another gorgeous wool coat! Out of all the coats I took home that night, I have definitely worn this one the most. It goes with every outfit and kept me so warm this past winter.

| Adidas – Salvation Army – $1 | The weather in Vancouver has only recently started getting warmer, so I haven’t had much of a chance to wear this jacket yet, but I love it so much. It gives me such vintage Adidas vibes.

| Vintage from my mom’s family | Here is yet another one of the beautiful wool coats I acquired last winter. Everything from the gold buttons to the cool pockets to the burnt orange lining in this jacket is absolutely stunning.


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