Fashion Revolution: the button up collection

Week 3 of Fashion Revolution month will give you a peek into my closet and showcase some of my favourite second-hand items, along with the stories that come with each piece. Today I’m excited to share with you my collection of button up shirts.

| Gap – hand-me-down | I found this in my family’s old Halloween costume basket and I think this particular shirt may have been used for my brother’s Frodo Baggins costume back in the day. This shirt is very oversized on me but it hangs so nicely. I also added a little wolf pin that my grandma gave me years ago on the pocket to add some detail.

| Club Monaco – Crossroads Trading Co. – $12 | I bought this shirt in San Francisco because the print was just too great to pass up. I love how the print is super subtle, but still extremely detailed and fun.

| Vintage hand-me-down | I found this elegant little thing when I was going through my mom’s old clothing. I especially love the slit in the front between the first and second buttons.

| Vintage hand-me-down | This was another find from my mom’s old stuff. I wasn’t convinced at first about it because of the construction of the sleeves and the way the collar sits much lower than what I usually like, but the textured detailing of the shirt was just so beautiful. It has been really fun to style this piece into some classy outfits.

| Salvation Army – $5 | I debated between this shirt and another one by the same brand that was yellow and had skateboarders all over it, but settled on this one because the print combined with the deep green colour was just too good. This shirt is definitely a conversation starter. It’s hilarious when people will literally just start to do all the signs with their hands without even saying anything to me.

| Salvation Army – $7 | I fell in love with this dainty piece because of the scalloped collar and sleeves and the embroidered detail. Also the sheerness of it is just beautiful!

| Steven Alan – gifted, Made in the USA | My brother gave me this shirt for Christmas a couple years ago (along with my first Rookie mag!) and I honestly could not have asked for more in a button up shirt. It is so perfectly constructed. This is definitely one of my go-to pieces and I have made so many memories wearing this shirt.

| Arts Umbrella used clothing fundraiser – $2 | One time I was changing in the washroom after rehearsal and came out of the stall wearing this shirt. A little girl who was in there doing her bun just stared at me with this look like “Why would anyone even think of wearing that?!” It’s always an adventure wearing a shirt this loud.


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