Fashion Revolution: the activewear collection

Week 3 of Fashion Revolution month will give you a peek into my closet and showcase some of my favourite second-hand items, along with the stories that come with each piece. Today I will be featuring the clothes I spend the majority of the time moving and grooving in: my activewear collection.

| New Balance – Salvation Army – $1 | I am always on the hunt for new pants to wear for rehearsals, but activewear pants at thrift stores tend to be very baggy or made out of weird materials, so it was great to find these.

| Adidas – Salvation Army – $7 | This is the first pair of gym shorts I ever thrifted! I have so many good memories of dancing in San Francisco in these shorts.

| American Apparel – garage sale – $0.50 | I bought this sports bra at a garage sale across the street from my house a few summers ago, and the women running it were donating all the proceeds to charity. Can’t go wrong with this one.

| Champion – The Young and the Restless Clothing Exchange – $6 | I saw these pants at Crossroads Trading Co. in San Francisco a couple years ago and loved them, but they were a little big on me so I decided it wasn’t worth it to pay $20 for them. When I saw them again at a store in Vancouver for way cheaper, I decided it was fate and I had to pick them up.

| Nike – Goodwill – $3 | For some reason I only bought Adidas gym shorts for a while, so buying these was my first time branching out. These shorts just give me good vibes, you know?

| Nike – Fabtabulous Thrift 2.0 – $7 | This piece isn’t my style whatsoever, but I was inspired to buy this because my friend Georgia is always rocking hers. Also, I just love a good shirt with thumb hole sleeves!

| Ainsliewear – Fabtabulous Thrift 2.0 – $2.50 | I’ve been wearing Ainsliewear since I was a little girl doing ballet classes after school and I’ve always loved their designs. They manufacture everything in Vancouver, which is amazing, but it was cool to find one in a thrift store.

| Adidas – Talize – $14 | I’m not even sure if this is considered activewear, but I had to somehow include this incredible Adidas sweat-suit in my collections series because it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever thrifted. For some strange reason, I wasn’t super convinced about purchasing it at the store, but as soon as I tried it on again at home, I realized how magical it is. When I die, please bury me in this sweat-suit, k?


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