Fashion Revolution: the sweater collection

Week 3 of Fashion Revolution month will give you a peek into my closet and showcase some of my favourite second-hand items, along with the stories that come with each piece. Today’s featured collection is a little bit out of season, but still an important part of my closet: knitted sweaters.

| Tommy Hilfiger – Talize – $7 | This sweater is a fairly recent purchase, so I haven’t gotten much wear out of it yet, but I can’t wait to wear it more next fall. The classic Tommy colours in it are just amazing.

| Vintage from my mom’s family | My mom grew up in Peru, so between her and her siblings, there’s an abundance of gorgeous Peruvian knit sweaters that have been passed down to me. It’s really special for me to incorporate my mom’s unique history into my clothing.

| Vintage from my mom’s family | Another beautiful Peruvian sweater.

| Marc O’Polo – Salvation Army – $3 | At dance, we often talk about ease and how to find ease of movement, so wearing this sweater gives me major inspiration to let go of my tension.

| Value Village – $8 | When I found this mockneck at VV, it had some sketchy stained armpit pads sewn on the inside, but thankfully I was able to remove them :O I love that this piece can be dressed up or down and the best part is that it has a zipper on the back, which makes it so much easier to take off (#bunheadproblems)

| Vintage from my mom’s family | This has been my go-to cardigan for the past several months. So cozy and goes with everything!

| Wilfred – Arts Umbrella used clothing fundraiser – $5 | Can often be found taking selfies in this sweater…

| Knit by my mom | My mom knit this sweater years ago before my brother and I came along. The suede rope detailing is incredible.

| Knit by my mom | Lastly, another adorable sweater knit by my mom. This one is perfect for dog lovers like myself. It just makes me so happy when I wear this 🙂 


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