Fashion Revolution Day 2: My Style Evolution

My style has always been all over the place. Sometimes I look like a toddler, sometimes I look all trendy and mainstream, sometimes I look like “think hoe, but then make it fashion” and other times I’m just chilling in layers of sweaters. Not subscribing to one particular aesthetic is part of why my style is so me. In my fashion post from a couple years back, I talked about using fashion as a mode of self-expression: “Style can’t be genuine unless there’s a correlation between the clothes I wear and what’s in my spirit.” I love that my diverse wardrobe allows me to act on whatever feelings I have in the moment when I’m choosing my outfit.
My style evolution from when I started high school to now in my first year of post-secondary is completely due to the changes I’ve undergone as a person. For a while, I failed to see the self-empowerment I could receive from the way I dressed because I was so caught up in trying to be “cool.” I was trying to be trendy but also quirky and somehow also be comfortable… As I already said, my style has always been all over the place and back then I was doing it in such a cringe way. Most of my clothing was of course from fast fashion stores because those are what I considered to be the cool places to shop. All the effort I was putting into my style was coming from the immature views I had about the world, and I couldn’t see that it was setting me back and only causing my insecurities to worsen.

When I made the switch to ethical shopping, it meant ditching the vast majority of the stores I bought my clothes from. It was alarming to learn that my go-to places like Topshop, H&M, and Urban Outfitters were not as cool as I made them out to be. Being a jobless student, I didn’t exactly have the funds to buy clothes from slow fashion brands so I turned to thrift stores.

I could probably write pages and pages of words about my love for thrifting. It has brought me so much more joy and satisfaction than what I ever received from fast fashion shopping and is of course 10000% cooler. The best thing about thrifting is that it provides me with so many options that allow me to build a wardrobe with my all over the place style. Thrifting does involve sifting through a lot of crap, but that only makes me more confident when I see something that I like. Since I began thrifting, I have become more and more comfortable with staying true to myself and expressing myself through my clothing. And wow, it’s been such a relief to finally develop a style that comes from a genuine place. 

Lately, I have become really into watching thrift haul videos on Youtube. These are what Fashion Revolution calls #haulternative, an alternative to the clothing hauls from fast fashion brands that are often shared by social media influencers. Not only are #haulternative videos so cool for being non-conformist, but they are interesting because each piece shown in the haul is unique. Viewers won’t be able to go to the store and find that exact piece. It’s fun to see the treasures that people have come across at their local thrift stores and hearing their stories about their thrifting experience. However despite this, there are still trends within the thrifting community, which admittedly I am getting really into. 

Trendy thrift pieces are usually all about brand names: Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Polo Ralph Lauren are some of the big ones. It sort of baffles me that people are so obsessed with certain brands that a simple t-shirt with a logo on it is considered an amazing find. Yet there’s something that’s weirdly so fun about following these trends, perhaps because it adds a new level of intensity and excitement to thrifting as I hunt for these items. I’ve always sort of resisted trends at first because I’m a lil bit pretentious and think I’m too cool for them. But of course I’m a sucker for trends at heart, so I end up following them eventually. It’ll be interesting to see how things change as I continue to add these #haulternative trends to my wardrobe. Most likely, I’m just going to keep being the all over the place gal that I’ve always been, just with a few more Nike check marks and Tommy flags. 


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