purity, pleasure, passion, play, parkade, polaroid: a photo series

All photos taken by Sarah Wong (that’s me!) on a Polaroid land camera model 240 using one year expired FujiFilm FP-100C film.

Dancers: Emma Berrow, Kiana Jung, Madeleine Gilbert, Katarina Nesic, Samantha Sutherland

I love my friends so much. That is all.

Three 3

Maddy 1

Kiana 1

Kat 2

Three 2

Sammy 2

Kiana 3

Emma 1

Maddy 5

Sammy 3

Kiana 2

Emma 2

Three 1

Kat 1

Kiana 5

Sammy 4

Maddy 3

Kiana 4

Maddy 4

Sammy 1

Kat 3

Maddy 2





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