The day where math nerds get turnt

Seeing as it was Pi Day yesterday I’ve decided that it’s time to share a slightly embarrassing video of myself to go along with this nerdy holiday. No, it’s not a video of me reciting the digits (which did exist at one point but was fortunately deleted from my camera roll), but it is a very scripted and somewhat pretentious video of me talking about that time where I memorized 225 digits of pi for a contest in my grade 9 math class! Turns out that there’s a lot I could learn from memorizing an irrational number. I made the video as part of my entry for a TEDxVancouver youth contest, which I unfortunately didn’t win. Actually there was never a winner announced at all so I don’t exactly know what happened with that… Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video! Shout out to my mom for filming this masterpiece. Oh and feel free to laugh at me because trust me, I am too.

Happy belated Pi Day to you all! I hope it was spent stuffing some delicious pie in your lovely faces 🙂


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