The ugly soul behind Nash Grier’s baby blue eyes

So I think by now most people are aware of how incredibly ignorant and idiotic Nash Grier is… yet this 16-year old Internet sensation is still the most followed person on Vine with a massive 8.7 million followers and over 3 million Youtube subscribers. I’ve had a passionate disliking for him for quite a while since I saw his “What Guys Look For In Girls” video. Although he deleted the video after receiving a lot of hate for it, others have re-uploaded it. I encourage you to watch it, not because you care what guys look for in girls (I hope you don’t because gurl, you are beautiful no matter what), but because it really shows how ridiculously douchey he and his friends are.

It is literally nine whole minutes of listing things that girls need to do to be liked including shaving their arms, legs and peach fuzz; changing up their hairstyles; and of course playing hard to get, because apparently if you play it too easy, you’re a “whore”. Last time I checked, the literal definition of a whore is a prostitute, NOT an innocent girl that doesn’t feel the need to play confusing mind games with boys just to make them chase after her. Oh, and the best part is that they end the video telling girls just to be themselves. Yes girls, please shave your bodies until they are beautifully hairless, entertain your boy with your totally fun personality, learn to sing, have freckles and dimples, get glasses, learn to play volleyball, and make sure to make a check list of all the other requirements, but at the end of the day JUST BE YOURSELF! Um, no.

As I said before, Nash has over 3 million Youtube subscribers, most of which are young girls who look up to him and the other boys in the video. By listing their preferences, these girls are bound to make them into their own requirements to be accepted. Young girls are already bombarded with pressure to act and look a certain way from the media and peer pressure. When boys like Nash make these kinds of videos, it only makes it worse. Most of his followers are too young to realize that they don’t need to follow his preferences. They don’t hear “just be yourself”, they probably hear “I need to shave” even though they’re too young to even have any leg hair. These girls are also too young to realize that in the video, Nash participated in slut shaming. They’re too young to realize and understand how ignorant he is and how he’s degrading his audience of girls. It really worries me that there are girls out there that look up to this dickhead.

Nash showed again how ignorant he is in his latest scandal, which occurred when he posted a Vine in April where he expresses his belief that HIV is a “gay thing”.

I don’t know if I’m being ignorant about ignorant people, but I didn’t think that teenagers who are so surrounded by media and the Internet world would still be so completely clueless to an issue like this. Nash obviously didn’t do his research because HIV coming from homosexuals was ruled out as a myth a long time ago. By creating this video and broadcasting it to his 8.7 million followers, Nash is spreading false information. As I said before, his followers are mostly young girls who don’t know any better and probably believe his every word. Also, it’s not like he just said, “Actually, it is a gay thing” and ended it at that. Nope, he had to scream at the top of his lungs “FAG!” and end the video with a big smile. I hate hearing homophobic slurs like that and it’s sad how often I hear it. I see people calling each other fags all the time as a “joke”. I see on my Facebook news feed “happy birthday fag!” or I hear in the hallways at school “Waddup fag!” Like what… Do you hear yourself? Do you even realize what you’re saying? I know I can be pretty uptight about these kinds of things, but this kind of language is offensive and teenagers don’t seem to realize that. It’s repulsive that it’s become the norm to use such words in every day conversation.

Although the Vine was deleted soon after he posted it, it recently resurfaced when fabulous bleach-haired Youtube star Tyler Oakley posted it on his Twitter with this message:

Later, Nash tweeted a formal apology for the whole situation:

“Young, ignorant, stupid”… Yup that paints a pretty accurate picture of him. But has he actually grown up in the past few months? Personally, I think not. He’s still only sixteen years old and there is no doubt that young people make a lot of mistakes. However, there’s also no doubt that Nash is a dick. It also probably doesn’t help that he’s been hanging out with cutiepie turned reckless young adult Justin Bieber.


Before I wrote this blog post, I’d never actually seen any of Nash’s Vines. I figured they would be really funny, I mean there’s got to be some reason why he has so many followers right? Well I ended up watching twenty minutes of his Vines and other than his adorable little sister Skylynn, the videos were just plain stupid. I honestly don’t understand why this kid is so popular and I hope that either his audience starts realizing what an idiot he is or Nash could do us all a favor and just grow up.


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