Starting Point

Hi, I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you.

If I were to describe myself I’d probably say that I’m an emotional teenage girl with a passionate heart and a mind consumed with thoughts. Actually, that pretty much describes every teenage girl… Okay wait, let me try this again: If I were to describe myself I’d probably say that I’m an open minded teenager who’s only ever been able to truly communicate her thoughts through writing. So here I am, listening to Bey in bed on a rainy Saturday evening, sharing my thoughts.

When I was young, a little monkey named George taught me how important it is to be curious. With that thought always kept in my mind, I’ve been brought on a life journey of exploration and discovery, and it’s only just the beginning. For the past several months of this journey, I’ve come to realize that as I’ve grown older and (hopefully) more mature, I’ve begun to formulate my own opinions. These aren’t just the opinions that I’m taught are “right.” Not just the ones that my parents, teachers, or friends have. No, I’m talking about my own perspective, opinions that I formed from what I truly believe in. Some people agree with these opinions, but I’ve also realized that a lot of people don’t agree with them. Oops. #sorrynotsorry, right? (Oh, another thing about me – my speech mostly consists of #hashtags. #yolo #swag #yoloswag). But honestly, it doesn’t even matter who agrees or disagrees, what is important to me is the discussion.

So now for the important part: what’s the point of all of this? Well, I want to share my perspective and how I see the world. I want to talk about what’s on my mind and write about issues that I care about. Warning: this may result in many long-winded rants. I’m not going to force anyone to agree with anything that I say, I’m just putting my opinion out there. Like I said before, what is important to me is the discussion. So that’s where you, the lovely person reading this, comes in. Hopefully I write something thought provoking enough for you to formulate your own opinion, so I’m going to share what I think, but I also want to know what you think.

When I told my friends that I was going to start a blog, they all asked what kind of blog it was going to be. My response was “Uh idk I’m just going to write about life and stuff?” In all honesty, I really have no idea where this is going. I just want it to go somewhere.

So here it goes, voici la vie à mon avis.


4 thoughts on “Starting Point

  1. Good for u to start a blog! La prochain blog en Francais, SVP……..a request from your relatives who live in a province that is still part of Canada.

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